Tips for Boosting Your Pool’s Excitement Factor

Tips for Boosting Your Pool’s Excitement Factor

With the right touches or updates, a new or existing swimming pool can be something you use and appreciate for many years. Regardless of how much space you have to work with or what’s currently going on with a pool you already have in place, there are some creative and fun ways to make a swimming pool more interesting. We break this down below with tips for both existing pools and ones soon to be built.

Your Existing Swimming Pool

If you already have a swimming pool in your backyard and you’re not finding it as interesting as it once was, you can always pick a new feature to add to it. One option is what’s referred to as a tanning ledge. Also called a sun shelf or Baja shelf, this feature has become trendy in recent years. It’s a shallow shelf that extends from one side of the pool where you can lie down to catch some rays without being fully submerged in water or needing to float. Bubbler fountains can be added as well to make this new addition to your pool even more distinct and visually pleasing.

An existing swimming pool can also become more interesting and inviting with any of the following extra touches or adjustments:

• Pool lighting, which can be around the pool as string lights or inside as underground LED lights
• Landscaping elements around your pool (e.g., flowers, bushes, ornamental grass borders, a rock garden, etc.)
• Pool fountains or bubblers

Another spot to consider when looking to make your existing swimming pool more interesting is the existing space around it. The pool deck is an area that can be dressed up with decorative or stamped concrete, cozy seating, or a poolside cabinet where you can conveniently stash an assortment of pool accessories. If your pool deck is large enough, a fire pit is another possibility, and it’s a great incentive to keep going outside when days get cooler.

The Pool You’ll Soon Be Building

If you’ll be having a new pool built in the near future, now is the perfect time to come up with a list of interesting features you wish to consider. Your builder can always help you fine-tune your ideas so everything fits together in a practical and affordable way. Being at the point where you’re exploring ideas is also a good excuse to get even more creative, with possibilities including:

• Floating steps or water step stones
• An in-pool or pool-adjacent spa
• Deck jets or other embedded water features
• A raised wall or bond beam

You’re also welcome to kick up the interest level for your new pool by choosing an infinity pool design. What you’re doing in this instance is creating an optical illusion that makes it look like one side of your pool has no edge—although it actually does. Water or fire bowls and an attached kid’s pool and play area are some other interesting design features to consider.

A pool can also be more interesting if you get creative with size and shape. For example, instead of going with a traditional rectangle, you might add inward curves to the sides to provide more deck space in those areas.

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