Ways to Boost Privacy around Your Backyard Swimming Pool

Ways to Boost Privacy around Your Backyard Swimming Pool

When you take a dip in your backyard swimming pool or have friends over for a poolside cookout or other gathering, you may not realize how easily your neighbors can see you. Granted, there’s something to be said for being neighborly, but it’s also understandable to crave some privacy when enjoying an outdoor pool. If this is a goal you hope to achieve, here are some ways you can make your backyard pool private.

Use Privacy Screens

A quick and easy way to boost privacy around your pool is with privacy screens. These portable screens are attractive, since they come in many different styles, colors, textures, and patterns. They’re also convenient because of the variation among sizes and the fact that they’re movable. Privacy screens can also provide some added shade for your saltwater or ozone swimming pool, which you’ll surely appreciate on hotter days. This could also make your pool’s water cooler on hot days. What’s also good about privacy screens is that they can be stored away during times of the year when your pool isn’t being used much.

Add a Fence

A more permanent privacy option is a fence. This is a solution worth considering if you also prefer some added safety and security, especially if you have younger children or family pets. Many types of fencing can provide much-appreciated privacy in a way that complements your backyard pool and exterior architecture. Even if you have an existing fence that wasn’t originally designed with privacy in mind, adjustments may be possible. For instance, solid slats can be added to an existing chain link fence to provide privacy.

Make Adjustments to Your Landscape

You can always go green with privacy screening. There are many attractive and practical landscaping features that can make a backyard pool private. If you go with trees around your pool, choose ones that won’t get so large their roots might affect your pool’s structure. Other landscaping options that could shield your pool from the street or neighbors include:

• A row of dwarf hedges
• A mix of colorful tall plants
• Shrubs that mature quickly

Put a Cabana Near Your Pool

With a backyard pool, you and your guests will need a place to change anyway, so consider placing a cabana near your pool. You’ll be treated to a convenient spot to change. Plus, the cabana will also block your neighbor’s view and make your backyard pool private.

Consider an Exterior Wall

Another option is an exterior wall, which can be both decorative and practical in that it’ll give you a private pool area. Before you add structures to your property for the sake of gaining privacy, check if there are any local regulations you’ll need to be aware of. Do the same thing if you’re a member of a homeowners association.

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