7 Motivational Quotes for Swimmers

7 Motivational Quotes for Swimmers

If you swim with purpose in mind, it’s perfectly normal to be frustrated by setbacks or less-than-stellar results or to experience a drop in motivation now and then. Whether or not swimming is something you do competitively, it never hurts to get some added inspiration to achieve your own personal goals and keep you enthused about working out in your swimming pool. Here are seven inspirational swimming quotes to take to heart.

1. “You Can’t Put a Limit on Anything.” —Michael Phelps

The Olympic gold medalist is emphasizing the fact that you shouldn’t limit yourself with regard to what you feel you can accomplish when it comes to what matters most to you. If swimming makes this list for you, don’t limit yourself by assuming you can only achieve so much and no more.

2. “Be a Yardstick of Quality.” —Steve Jobs

Medals are nice, but winning shouldn’t be your main focus with swimming. If you swim competitively, it’s just as important to take pride in the quality of what you do. This means doing quality-focused swimming that keeps form, technique, and regular habits as your default settings.

3. “Our Greatest Weakness Lies in Giving Up.” —Thomas Edison

If “I’ll never get this. Why bother?” is your reaction to having a hard time with new strokes or goals you have with swimming, you’re just selling yourself short. Instead, approach the aspects of swimming that are frustrating for you with a fresh perspective. Create a new plan, and keep trying.

4. “The Price of Excellence Is Discipline.” —William Arthur Ward

There may be days when you want to forget about practicing or stray from the diet you normally follow before a competition. With swimming, however, discipline can be your best friend. You’ll ultimately be in a better position to feel good about your accomplishments if you stay disciplined.

5. “If It’s Important to You, You’ll Find a Way. If Not, You’ll Find an Excuse.” —Ryan Blair

It’s one thing to talk about what you want to achieve with swimming and another thing entirely to put in the required work. Even if you have other obligations in your life, you’ll find time to do what you need to do if you’re truly committed to swimming with purpose.

6. “If You’re Going through Hell, Keep Going.” —Winston Churchill

When swimming competitively, you’ll have some tough days. This may involve lingering muscle soreness following a particularly grueling practice session or a drop in self-confidence if you have an underwhelming performance in a competition. But the ability to brave these moments is what truly sets successful competitors apart from the crowd.

7. “Excellence Is Not an Act, but a Habit.” —Aristotle

Excellence in swimming is more than just winning a competition, mastering a stroke, or improving your speed and agility in the water. Get into the habit of doing everything you do with excellence in mind, and you’ll be more likely to see results that truly make a difference to you.

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