Best Direction to Face a Backyard Pool

Best Direction to Face a Backyard Pool

The basic concept of feng shui is that direction and related location details can affect things in your life, such as wealth, health, and even relationships. Therefore, placing your pool in a “favorable” position can offset anything out of alignment that could play a role in your overall wellbeing. We’re going to consider feng shui and some other factors as we discuss what to keep in mind when determining the direction your swimming pool should face.

Water Should Flow Toward Your Home

Infinity pools are best avoided when adding feng shui to the mix, since the water appears to be flowing away from your home with this design. Feng shui dictates the water in your swimming pool should be flowing toward your home. Round, oval, kidney-shaped, or curving pools are fine, since there are no hard edges. This also allows for more flexibility with direction. Square pools can work as well, as long as the edge faces your home.

Consider Other Backyard Features

Practical needs can also be considered with pool direction. For example, if you have a patio or deck that’s close to where your pool will be, it makes sense to have the pool facing the areas where poolside or other backyard activities will be taking place.

Put Your Pool Off to the Side in Your Yard

If possible, consider placing your pool off to the side in your yard instead of right in front of the rear part of your home. Going back to feng shui, water “looming” directly behind you is considered a feng shui no-no. It’s kind of like not having your back to the ocean when going into the water. Practically, a pool off to the side gives you more space to use your yard for other purposes when not swimming, so it’s a win-win.

Wraparound Pools Can Cradle Your Home without Direction Issues

Another possibility with pool direction is to opt for pool design that appears to wrap around or cradle your home. Since there are no hard edges pointing toward your home, you can place pools of this kind closer to your home without feng shui issues. Plus, pools that appear to embrace your home are considered good luck.

Consider “Favorable Sectors” with Pool Direction Decisions

If you’re going to give feng shui serious consideration, pay attention to “favorable sectors” with pool direction. Until the year 2043 (according to what’s currently going on feng shui-wise), swimming pools should be located in the southwest, east, or north sectors. This actually allows for a lot of flexibility with pool direction.

You can also enjoy more leeway with pool direction if you embrace five elements around your pool. The water one is obvious, but the other elements are:

• Metal – Includes handrails, pumps, and even your pool’s electrical equipment
• Wood – Includes adjacent features such as decks, arbors, and even plants
• Earth – Includes walls, rocks, and cement or stonework that might be part of your pool deck or in-ground spa
• Fire – Includes any lighting features

A professional pool designer can help you determine the perfect placement and direction for your pool. When they’re looking for the best professionals to do their in-ground pool installation, San Diego residents should reach out to the team at San Diego Pools. We’ve been designing and building pools for almost half a century, and we pride ourselves on our innovation and outstanding craftsmanship. To get started on your new pool, give us a call today at 888-707-7786.

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