Dive into Fun: Mastering the Art of Pool Basketball

Dive into Fun: Mastering the Art of Pool Basketball

Putting your pool to good use, increasing social interaction, and staying in shape are just some of the benefits of playing pool basketball. You can enjoy the activity with friends and family while embracing the changing seasons. Below are some tips to consider and rules to remember when playing basketball in the water.

Use Floats

The group size will generally determine what rules apply and what can be skipped. However, one of the most common regulations is to keep a couple of players in the water while one waits outside the swimming pool until called in for substitution. While it may not be a requirement, each team member should be inside an inner tube or other type of float, whether it’s a traditional float or a more exotic one used for a specific party theme. The float can make the game more challenging and exciting.

Follow the “Three Strikes” Rule

When playing pool basketball, most people agree to three fouls per team, which result in ejections or adding points to the scoreboard. For example, after one team has accumulated three fouls, the fourth foul and beyond will allow the opposing team to earn points. The specific number of points will vary, depending on the rules your family and friends are implementing. Unlike a traditional basketball game, there are no three-point fouls, regardless of where a player attempts a shot, unless you want to stick as close to on-the-court rules as possible.

At no point can a player purposely bang into another player or float. Pushing and shoving can also lead to personal fouls. Submerging the ball to keep it away from another player should lead to a strike. Although you can make up rules as you go with this pool game, it would be best to agree to do so before the festivities to keep things fun and avoid unnecessary disagreements.

Keep Score

Each time a player lands the ball in the basketball net equals a point, and the team with the most baskets wins, based on the target winning score all players have agreed to. However, remember that if your team has stolen the ball from the competitors, you must take it to the starting point before shooting your shot, typically in the middle of the pool. Failing to do so turns the ball over.

Enjoy the Benefits

Following the rules associated with pool basketball does more than make the game more fun. These steps can lead to many benefits, from stress management to better cardiovascular health, enhanced muscle tone, and more. For instance, merely being in the water and participating in the sport provides continuous movement, which keeps the heart rate going and boosts cardiovascular strength.

The balance and coordination required to play pool basketball make it another top selection among family and friends during holiday and birthday celebrations or random meetups. While navigating the water, you must make quick movements that boost cognitive health. Creating lasting memories is another fun way to stay socially active. 

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