7 Great Swimming Pool Games to Play with Children

7 Great Swimming Pool Games to Play with Children

One of the best ways to enjoy a swimming pool if you have children is to play some games together. Spend more time with your kids and keep them busy on warm summer days by playing these seven fun games in your San Diego pools.

1. Waterless Beach Ball

The object of this game is to keep a beach ball from touching the water, and it can be played individually or in teams. Here are a few ways to play:

Have players take turns volleying the ball, keeping it away from the water while being timed
Give each player a beach ball, say “go,” and see who lasts the longest

2. Noodle Raft

Get creative and let your kids build their own noodle rafts out of pool noodles and duct tape. Place rafts in the pool and let the kids race to the other end. The rules are that they have to be on top of their rafts when they race, and they can’t push them while they’re in the water.

3. Musical Splash Dancing

This game is similar to musical chairs, but everyone is dancing instead. Section off spots on the side of the pool or add floating objects of various sizes to the pool. Make sure there’s one less space or object than the number of players. Splash dancing begins when the music starts. When it stops, each kid must touch one of the marked spots or grab one of the floating objects to continue. Remove one marked space or float each time until you have a winner.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items each player must find. Place several of each in the pool along with other miscellaneous sinkable waterproof items. Provide each player with a list and a pair of goggles. Set a timer and say “go.”

5. Racing Floats

Players choose their floats and line up at one end of the pool. Each player must race to the other end, touch the edge, then race back to the starting point. The fastest one wins.

6. Hunting for Bottles

Fill clear plastic bottles with pool water and place the caps back on. Toss them in your pool. Players jump in and find as many bottles as they can. The one who retrieves the most from the pool is the winner.

7. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is perhaps one of the oldest pool games. Choose one player to be the tagger. The tagger keeps his or her eyes closed while attempting to tag other players. The tagger yells out “Marco” while the others dodge and weave while answering “Polo.” Whoever is tagged first becomes the new tagger.

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