Basic Rules for Behavior in Swimming Pools

Basic Rules for Behavior in Swimming Pools

As with anything else in life, there are some general guidelines that apply to using a pool, even one in your own backyard. Part of the responsibility of owning a pool is creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Take a moment to learn more about some of the basic recommendations for how you should behave in a swimming pool.

Look before Entering the Pool

Even if nobody else is using the pool at the moment, it never hurts to be aware of any possible obstacles or risks when you first enter a pool. For instance, there may be pool floaties or game accessories that were left out. For times when other people are in the pool, looking before you enter ensures you don’t accidentally run into someone else.

Don’t Run Near the Pool

Pool users regularly enter and leave a pool. This means the area around the pool is likely to be wet and slippery. By not running, you’ll also avoid the possibility of accidentally falling into the pool or running into somebody else nearby on the pool deck.

Don’t Use the Pool as a Restroom

This should go without saying, but it still happens more often than it should. Be respectful of everyone who uses the pool and take care of things before swimming.

Don’t Splash Excessively

This can be annoying for other pool users, especially if someone is trying to relax on a floating raft or other pool accessory. Splashing too much can also get water in someone’s eyes, or you might end up splashing water onto the pool deck, which can make the area near the pool even more slippery.

Be Polite when Passing Someone in the Pool

If you’re doing laps in a pool, be courteous to anyone you wish to pass. The general rule for doing this is to lightly tap the person you’re trying to pass on the foot. The goal here is to not take the other swimmer by surprise or create a situation where you distract the person ahead of you, especially if you’re doing laps in a deeper end of the pool.

Don’t Exclude Others from Pool Games

Nobody likes to feel left out. Even if you have the right intentions, such as wanting to protect little kids who may not be capable of playing a certain pool game yet, you don’t want others to feel excluded. Instead, play a game everyone in the pool can join. Another possibility is to modify the game so even younger pool users can play too.

Don’t Shove or Fight

Getting aggressive in a pool is never a good idea, so always avoid fighting, shoving, kicking, and similar actions while in the pool. All you’re doing is creating an unsafe environment for everyone, especially if there are younger kids or senior family members in the pool at the time.

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