Advantages of Having a Pool in a Senior Community

Advantages of Having a Pool in a Senior Community

From backyards to hotel and resort exteriors, swimming pools can work well in many different locations in the San Diego area. This list includes retirement communities and senior living facilities. If you haven’t yet considered having a pool designed and built for this purpose, take a moment to discover some of the benefits of having a swimming pool at a retirement community, brought to you by the team from San Diego Pools, the experts in new swimming pool construction San Diego residents and business owners have trusted for forty years.

Offers Convenience for Residents

Because of ongoing pandemic-related concerns, it’s not easy for seniors in many communities to find publicly accessible places to swim. Even community centers for seniors may be inaccessible. A swimming pool at a retirement community can be a safe and convenient way for residents to enjoy the many perks and pleasures of swimming.

Provides a Wide Range of Health Benefits

The natural buoyancy of water can be good for aging bones, joints, and muscles. This is why a retirement community with a pool can provide benefits for older residents that include:

• Increased flexibility and range of motion
• A reduced risk of falling by strengthening trunk and lower body muscles
• Better cardiovascular health

Boosts Quality of Life for Residents

On a related note, a swimming pool may contribute to improvements in quality of life for your retirement community residents. For instance, the gentle way key muscle groups are stimulated can help with mobility. Also, there are numerous studies suggesting swimming contributes to better sleep. Plus, swimming is an aerobic exercise that can burn around 300–400 calories per hour. This means a pool could be a great way for residents to stay in a healthy weight range.

Gives Potential Residents an Added Incentive

Typically, someone considering a move to a retirement community will take some time to look for one that offers amenities that appeal most to them. If your retirement community has a swimming pool, it will likely be more appealing than others in the area that don’t offer this particular outdoor feature.

Enhances Outdoor Features

If you have gardens and other outdoor features throughout your retirement community, a pool can be a great enhancement. You may even find residents are spending more time enjoying the outdoor relaxation spaces you have available. This is good for older adults, since the sun is a reliable source of bone-strengthening vitamin D.

Makes Unused Areas Usable

From a practical standpoint, a swimming pool at a retirement community can allow you to use unused space wisely. For instance, you may have one area that’s mostly just a pain to mow and keep up. A pool can make such an area more inviting. You’ll still need to maintain a pool, but it could be worth the effort if the space becomes a commonly used and appreciated spot.

Encourages Social Interaction

Seniors tend to benefit from interacting with other people in their own age group. A swimming pool, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor one, provides a place for your residents to mingle and enjoy a relaxing activity together.

If you’re considering adding a pool in your retirement community, make sure to work with the finest commercial pool builder in Southern California. The expert team from San Diego Pools specializes in every aspect of pool and spa construction, from slides and waterfalls to in-ground spas. Call us today at 888-707-7786 for a complimentary consultation.

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