Is a Rectangular Pool More Budget-Friendly?

Is a Rectangular Pool More Budget-Friendly?

One of the first steps to take when looking to have a pool built is determining the shape you prefer. Rectangular is a common preference with pool shapes and has been for many decades because of the ability to use the longer sides for poolside perks. If this is what appeals to you, the next consideration is cost. Continue reading to learn more about potential costs involved with rectangular pools and what to keep in mind.

Rectangular Pools Aren’t the Cheapest Option

A typical rectangular pool has more perimeter footage. For this reason, pools with longer sides are more of an investment than curved pools. Round pools, another popular and common shape, tend to be the most affordable option if you’re just going by pool shape.

But There Are Cost-Effective Ways to Modify Rectangular Pools

If a rectangular pool is what really appeals to you most, you can still have a pool that’s shaped this way but not a major budget stretch. A traditional rectangular pool doesn’t allow for a lot of flexibility unless you go smaller, which is worth considering if you want to minimize costs while still getting a perfect rectangle. Another possibility is to consider cost-effective modifications to the rectangular shape, with options including:

• Adjusting a corner or two in a way that still preserves the rectangular shape
• Bringing the longer sides inward—which can also work if you have limited space
• Considering an “L” or “T” shape modification to give you more space in certain areas while minimizing overall square footage

Radius and angle modifications can also be made at both ends to keep costs in check while still giving you an appealing rectangle-like shape. Aesthetically, this is similar to Greek and Roman styles that have been used in various structures for centuries. A modern variation of styles of this nature is inward-rounding corners, which also shave off some square footage and reduce costs to some extent.

Consider Budget-Friendly Materials for Your Pool

You don’t necessarily have to modify the rectangular shape you want just to keep costs within your budget. Another way to make the pool of your dreams a beautiful reality is to choose materials that are more affordable. For example, concrete pools are generally within the higher range cost-wise. Vinyl-lined and fiberglass in-ground pools tend to be more within the affordable range.

Brainstorm with Your Pool Builder to Keep Costs in Check

An experienced pool builder knows how to help clients achieve their goals in a way that works well for their budgets. Therefore, if you prefer to go with a rectangular pool, a local pool builder can help you keep your costs in check by taking the time to guide you through the initial planning phase as decisions are made. This gives you an opportunity to:

• Explore shape modifications
• Consider creative designs that are more affordable
• Discover cost-effective options with materials
• Get an accurate estimate before your pool is built

No matter which shape you prefer, make sure to have your swimming pool built by experienced professionals. From unique pool construction to custom pool design, San Diego Pools can satisfy your every need. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786, and we’ll get started on designing the pool you’ve always dreamed of.

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