How Long Can I Stay in My Pool Safely? 

How Long Can I Stay in My Pool Safely? 

Jumping into a refreshing swimming pool on a hot day is a great way to relax, cool off, and even get some exercise if you’re so inclined. You may tell yourself you’re only going to stay in for a few minutes, but the next thing you know, it’s hours later. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re enjoying yourself, but you may end up wondering how long it’s safe to actually stay in a pool. The short answer is that it depends on several factors.

How Long Is Safe?

Generally speaking, you can stay in a swimming pool for as long as you like, but only if you feel safe and comfortable and the pool is well maintained. After a while, the skin on your fingers and toes may wrinkle up a bit, but that’s perfectly normal. It happens because water gets into the skin cells, and many scientists believe the reason for this is so the hands and feet can gain more traction on slick or wet surfaces.

What Are Some Health Warnings that I Should Get Out of a Pool?

You know your own body, so if you feel like it’s telling you that you should get out of a swimming pool, it’s best to pay attention. Perhaps you’ve been swimming for a while and feel overly tired. Staying in the water when you’re exhausted can be a safety hazard. 

You should also pay attention to your body temperature. If the water is cooler, your body will lose heat at a faster rate, which can be dangerous and lead to issues like hypothermia over time. If it’s hot and sunny outside, you can still be affected by the heat when you’re in the water. This could lead to sunburn, heat exhaustion, or dehydration.

What Are Some Signs I Should Avoid Staying in a Pool?

In some cases, the pool itself may indicate it’s time for you to get out of the water. For example, if you’re swimming in a gunite pool in San Diego and notice the water is dirty, cloudy, or contains algae, it’s best to get out and find a cleaner place to swim. 

Only swim in a pool that’s maintained properly by the owner and has the correct chemical balance. Too few or too many chemicals can irritate the skin and potentially lead to other health issues. 

You may also want to get out of a swimming pool if too many other people join you, particularly babies and toddlers. Diapers tend to leak into pool water, which can contaminate it.

Are There Any Benefits to Spending Extra Time in a Pool?

If the pool is well maintained and clean, go ahead and jump in and enjoy it for as long as you want. You may even discover that spending long periods of time in the water can boost your health. Studies have found that people who swim in pools may experience stress relief, relief from arthritis, better sleep, weight loss, increased circulation, better mood, and other physical and mental health benefits. 

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