Is an Infinity Pool Safe?

Is an Infinity Pool Safe?

Appearing to have an edge that “disappears,” an infinity pool is essentially one big optical illusion that would impress even David Copperfield. As for whether or not pools designed this way are safe, the answer is “yes” when you consider the nature of the design itself. Here’s what you need to know about infinity pools and how users of these pools can be kept safe if you have concerns.

There’s Still a Wall—Plus a Lower Catch Basin

If you swim up to the edge of an infinity pool, you’re not going to just tumble over it. There’s still an actual wall in this location—it’s just not visible from above the surface like the other ones. There’s also a lower basin that catches the water that falls over the edge and pumps it back to the upper part of the pool, so there are some barriers in place to keep swimmers from being in any real danger.

Infinity Pool Location Options Are Flexible

Ideally, an infinity pool works best as far as the intended look goes when the “disappearing” edge is next to an area with a significant drop-off. But if you have safety concerns, placement can be shifted to a picturesque location that doesn’t immediately have a big drop. For instance, you could put a small infinity pool by a nearby lake or cliff but not up to the edge.

Infinity Pool Design Can Increase Safety as Well

There are many possible options with infinity or zero-edge pool designs. If one of your top concerns is making swimmers feel safe, you might, for example, create three “disappearing” edges, have the pool elevated above your lawn, and place the side with the visible wall adjacent to a deck attached to your home. You could also make the lower catch basin larger or turn it into a small decorative lower pool.

Monitor Your Pool to Keep Users Safe

If you have a more daring—in terms of design and placement—commercial infinity pool, like what might be found at a hotel or resort, you can always take extra steps to keep pool users safe. One way to do this is to have someone monitor swimmers to alert anyone who may be getting too close to the edge. You can do the same thing if you have a smaller or mid-sized infinity pool at home and you want to keep newer or younger swimmers safe.

Be Diligent about Maintenance to Keep the Water Safe & Healthy

As long as water that appears to fall over the edge of an infinity pool is properly recirculated, this type of pool can be a safe and inviting exterior feature. But be especially mindful of the pump and filtration system, since these parts work harder in infinity pools. Plus, you may have issues with water imbalance or pool water cleanliness if there are breakdowns or clogs.

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