Is It Okay to Let My Dog Swim in My Pool?

Is It Okay to Let My Dog Swim in My Pool?

For many people, there’s a natural inclination to take a dip in a conveniently located backyard pool on a hot summer day, and your cherished four-legged friends may be equally tempted to do so. As for whether or not it’s bad to let your dog swim in your pool, the short answer is typically no. However, there are some things to keep in mind if your dog will also be enjoying some pool time.

Establish Poolside Rules for Your Dog

Teach your beloved pet some basic commands that can be helpful around a pool area. Doing so gives you the chance to make sure your pool and dog are ready for each other. Commands that can effectively manage your dog’s pool-related behavior include:

• “Stay” to keep your dog from immediately going into the pool
• “Come” for times when you need to direct your dog away from the pool
• “Okay” to let your dog know it’s all right to go into the pool

Sudden reactions on the part of other pool users may agitate your dog, which could create some potentially risky moments. For this reason, alert anybody else who may already be in the pool when your dog will be going in.

Regularly Check & Clean Your Pool’s Filter

Many dogs shed excessively in the summer, when pools are used most. If this applies to your dog, extra fur could end up in your pool’s filter, which could contribute to clogs or flow issues. If you’re not doing so already, get into the habit of regularly checking and cleaning your filter to prevent clogs.

Exercise Caution with Certain Types of Pools

With a fiberglass or cement-lined swimming pool, there’s usually not much to worry about, since these materials are fairly durable. In other words, as long as your dog isn’t scratching excessively at the walls, your pool should be just fine. But if you have a pool that’s vinyl lined, exercise some caution to prevent damage.

Teach Your Dog to Be Comfortable & Safe in Your Pool

A dog that regularly panics and scratches at your pool’s walls will be more likely to cause damage, even if it’s mostly cosmetic. Reduce this risk by working with your dog to increase his or her comfort while enjoying the pool. Boost your odds of accomplishing this goal by:

• Getting into the pool with your dog the first few times to minimize hesitation
• Gradually introducing your dog to different pool situations (e.g., times when more people are using the pool)
• Using stairs, stationary floats, and other accessories to make it easier for your dog to enter and enjoy the pool
• Creating a shady spot near the pool to give your dog a place to rest when a break from the pool is needed

Lastly, chlorinated or salted pool water isn’t good for dogs to drink. Reduce the temptation for your dog to do this by keeping fresh water in an easily accessible bowl next to the pool.

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