Tips for Storing Pool Toys & Floats

Tips for Storing Pool Toys & Floats

Pools tend to get a bit cluttered from time to time, especially in the summer. During the fall and winter, you’ll also need to store various pool items in a way that keeps everything safe and handy for the next pool season. If you have pool floats and toys you need to store, read on for tips and suggestions.

Use a Storage Shed

Sheds come in handy for all sorts of storage needs, including keeping your pool toys and floats safe and out of the way. Look for a shed that can be conveniently placed near your pool. This way, it’s easy to get what you need and stash things away right from the pool. A lock can be added for the times of the year when you won’t be using the toys and floats.

Use a Storage Bench

If you don’t have a lot of pool toys and floats, a bench can come in handy. A storage bench has a lid and inner space that can be used to store pool accessories. What’s great about a storage bench is it can also be functional, since it can be used to sit on near your San Diego pool. You can even create a sitting area with some extra chairs or a table with your storage bench off to the side.

Use Storage Bags

Another option is to use bags with nets or ones that are a bit more durable. This way, you can move the storage bags around to where they’re needed. You can also use bags of various sizes to keep certain toys separate. You can even have storage bags for each person in your household. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Use Your Garage

Make some room in your garage if it’s not too far away from your pool. This can include using garage storage bins or drawers or storing floats and toys on shelves. You can even create a separate area just for toys and floats from your pool. Label your pool accessories to make it easier to find what you need.

Use Your Home’s Porch or Deck

Pool floats and toys can also be stored on your porch or deck if you have the space. You can also use benches and bags to keep things contained on your porch or deck. A creative storage option is using a stand normally used for grilling to store some pool floats and toys.

If you don’t have enough room, consider using a portable cabinet. What’s great about cabinets is drawers can be added for smaller items like toys, and shelves can be used for the floats.

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