2022 Goals Swimmers Should Consider

2022 Goals Swimmers Should Consider

Swimming is a fun, invigorating activity perfect for anyone at any age. What’s more, you don’t need to have Olympic aspirations to be proud of what you accomplish while spending time in your San Diego pool. If you have plans to swim at any level during the coming year, we offer suggestions below for swimming-related goals to consider for 2022—all of which are entirely achievable with practice and patience.

Improve Your Form & Technique

If you’ve had some issues with things like kicking, breathing properly, and getting sufficient speed with your strokes, a good goal to have for 2022 is brushing up on your form and technique. Even if you’re a more experienced swimmer, it never hurts to make sure you’re not forgetting any minor details with your movements and motions.

Gain More Speed

When swimming competitively, speed is important. If this is what you’ll be doing in 2022, make gaining some speed one of your goals. Break this goal down and make it more achievable by focusing on:

• Time spent underwater
• How long it takes you to begin each new lap
• The speed of your strokes
• How many strokes it takes you to finish a timed swim

Also with competitive swimming, keep your goals realistic. Sure, it would be great to break county or state records. However, you’ll be less stressed and more focused if your goals are based on trying to improve gradually and progressively when it comes to speed.

Introduce Some Variety into Your Swimming Strokes

It’s fine to stick with a few strokes you’re comfortable with when first starting to swim. However, if you’ve been swimming for a while, consider adding some variety to your strokes in 2022. For instance, if you normally do the breaststroke, give the sidestroke or backstroke a try. Another possibility is transitioning from a more basic stroke to a freestyle stroke that allows for more agility and speed.

Benefit from a Swimming-Based Workout

Swimming can be a great form of exercise. If this isn’t how you’ve previously viewed swimming, consider including it as part of your overall exercise routine in 2022. This is something you can do with simple warm-ups and a set number of laps using your preferred stroke. Your swimming workouts can also be combined with other pool-based forms of exercise for an even more well-rounded exercise routine.

Find More Time to Swim

If you’ve recently found yourself not using your backyard pool as often as you could be, resolve to find more time for swimming in 2022. One way to go about accomplishing this goal is to get creative about when you swim. For example, get in a quick swim as you start your day and enjoy a longer one later in the evening when you have more time.

Make Swimming Fun

Lastly, don’t forget to make having more fun one of your swimming-related goals. From playing pool games to combining swimming with poolside activities, there are many ways this particular goal can be enjoyably crossed off your to-do list in 2022.

For people who are looking for the perfect way to relieve stress and boost physical fitness levels, swimming can be the ideal choice. As one of the premier San Diego pool companies, San Diego Pools can create a custom pool for you that offers a great way to exercise as well as a place to relax and get away from it all. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786.

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