New Year’s Resolutions to Elevate Your Swimming Game

New Year’s Resolutions to Elevate Your Swimming Game

The new year is the perfect time to kick off a new season by upgrading your swimming skills. While everyone else is making plans to hit the gym, you might be looking forward to making waves at your next swimming competition. Adding these New Year’s resolutions to your list will ensure you make progress as a swimmer.

Improve Your Weak Stroke

In your earliest stages as a swimmer, every stroke might have been hard. Now, you likely know which ones are your go-to for enjoying a swim at home and which ones make you cringe to know your coach is watching. Every swimmer has a weak stroke, but that doesn’t have to hold you back from being your best. Instead, make it a point to practice your weak stroke every chance you get. Whether you’re swimming at home or working with your coach, you might find this stroke becomes your favorite with enough practice.

Do More Drill Work

Every swimmer loves doing freestyle practice, but you might want to carve out more time for drills. While drill work tends to feel repetitive and awkward at times, this is the best way to refine all your primary swimming skills. Try planning time to work on a few drills before you enjoy a relaxing evening swim at home. Or you could start your morning swim off with drills in a lap pool, which can provide a sense of accomplishment.

Stick to Your Practice Schedule

Having a personal pool available makes it easier to stick to your practice schedule, but it’s still easy to procrastinate. If you took a break from swimming over the holidays due to traveling, now’s the time to get back into your routine. Try to plan for at least an hour of practice time each day, and remember to make it just as important as finding time to eat lunch or rest in the evening. You can even create a practice schedule and mark off each session to help yourself see your progress.

Remember to Hydrate

While it might seem strange for swimmers to get dehydrated with water always around them, staying hydrated is a serious problem for people who tend to get in the zone. Always take your water bottle with you to group training sessions, and make sure to set it near your station so you’ll remember to take a drink as you go. At home, try to remember you might be tempted to put off drinking water out of a desire to stay in the pool. This is an easy fix, since all you need to do is put a water bottle by the pool. Being able to grab a quick drink without having to dry off means you’ll be more likely to stay hydrated, which increases your stamina.

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