Can I Substitute Swimming for Working Out at the Gym?

Can I Substitute Swimming for Working Out at the Gym?

Swimming can certainly be a great total-body workout for all the muscle groups. As for whether it can replace going to the gym, it depends on how often you swim and other factors. Below, we take a closer look at swimming and the possibility of replacing a gym workout with a pool-based one.

Swimming as a Resistance Form of Exercise

Swimming provides a similar workout to what you would get while lifting weights in terms of the benefits. The main difference is swimming doesn’t put extra stress on your bones, joints, and muscles. However, you still get sufficient stimulation and resistance due to the pressure from the water.

Swimming & Endurance

The movements associated with swimming provide a good degree of endurance. This means you can ease up on your treadmill time if you prefer this form of gym exercise. If you’re only looking for a little endurance training to round out your workout routine, swimming may be all you need.

Determining Your Fitness/Workout Goals

If you prefer a more generalized workout, then swimming is best mixed in with a gym routine. However, if you’re just looking to tone up a little here and there in a more relaxed environment, swimming may be sufficient. To determine what’s suitable for you, take a moment to clearly define and determine what you hope to achieve. If you have more extensive and strenuous training in mind, some gym time will be necessary, although you can always step things up.

What Swimming Can Do for You Exercise/Health-Wise

Swimming burns calories, which is also a benefit of a gym workout. Additionally, swimming increases flexibility and range of motion. Heart health receives a boost as well, and so does muscle strength, which you also get with a gym workout.

How Added Strength Training Can Be Helpful

A gym workout at least a few times a week can be beneficial for strength training. This way, you can supplement what you’re doing in the pool with swimming. Once you get into a comfortable routine, you can coordinate what you do in the water with what you do at the gym to enjoy a more complete workout.

Swimming to Reduce Your Gym Visits

Swimming may not be a total and complete replacement for gym-based workouts. However, it can minimize your visits to the gym. And if you have an underground pool in your backyard, you’ll have more of an incentive to stick to a regular exercise routine. Considering the fact that gym memberships often go underused, this is definitely something to consider. Also, you can have a more well-rounded swimming workout routine to balance out what you do at the gym if you incorporate other water-based exercises into your routine, such as:

• Water aerobics
• Water yoga or Pilates
• Water-based stretches in the shallow end of your pool

If you’re looking for the perfect way to boost your physical fitness levels, swimming can be exactly what you need. As an award-winning swimming pool builder San Diego families and businesses have trusted for more than four decades, San Diego Pools can create a custom pool for you that offers a great way to exercise as well as a place to relax and get away from it all. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786.

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