The Allure of Swimming: Why It’s So Addictive

The Allure of Swimming: Why It’s So Addictive

Swimming is recognized as being a highly effective form of exercise that has both cardio and muscle-strengthening benefits. However, there’s also something about enjoying a good swim that makes you want to do it again. Both recreational and competitive swimmers tend to agree that swimming is addictive, and it’s worth taking a look at why you might get hooked on enjoying this activity from the very first time you take a lap around your new San Diego pool.

Practicing Strokes Is a Form of Meditation

The simple act of moving your limbs and breathing in specific patterns as you move through water mimics elements you see in meditative practices. With each breath you take, you send oxygen to your brain that helps you enjoy clearer thinking along with a deep sense of relaxation. Since swimming forces you to focus on each new stroke, it’s perfect for people who may find traditional meditation hard due to short attention spans or difficulty with blocking out distractions.

Being Underwater Blocks Out Everyday Noise

Noise pollution is so prevalent in society that you may not notice its effects on your mental health. Over time, the sound of cars driving by your house, the buzz of your neighbor’s lawn mower, and other types of environmental noise can contribute to stress. Swimming underwater gives you a break from noise, and it can often feel like you’ve entered a more relaxed world.

Swimming Can Make the Years Seem to Disappear 

There’s no doubt kids love swimming, but older adults also get addicted to a refreshing swim around the pool. The natural buoyancy of water alleviates strain on muscles and joints, which can help people with arthritis or other painful conditions feel young again. Many seniors love taking a dip in the pool anytime they begin to feel the natural aches and pains that come with age, and many even claim swimming makes them feel like kids again.

A Good Swim Stimulates the Release of Endorphins

Swimming pumps blood and oxygen through the veins, which can stimulate the brain to release endorphins that are known to improve someone’s mental state. The effects of an enjoyable swimming session can mimic those associated with a runner’s high. After a swim, you should feel a general sense of happiness and relaxation you’ll want to experience again.

You Can Continuously Make Progress Toward a Goal

Swimming has many different skill levels that allow you to choose your own adventure. Whether you’re just getting acclimated to spending time in the water and learning the basic strokes or are pursuing a career as a competitive swimmer, you’ve got plenty of options for goal setting. Striving to make progress and hitting goals feels good, and you’re likely to discover that finding the motivation to get fit is easier when you have the lure of the sparkling water just waiting to carry you to your next level of achievement.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to relax while boosting physical fitness, a pool might be exactly what you need. As an award-winning swimming pool contractor San Diego families and businesses have trusted for more than four decades, San Diego Pools can create a custom pool for you that offers a great way to exercise as well as a place to relax and get away from it all. Give us a call today at 888-707-7781. 

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