How to Throw an Amazing Pool Party

How to Throw an Amazing Pool Party

While it may be too soon to open your pool to guests, it’s never too early to start planning your best swim party. Here are some tips from the best swimming pool builder in town for planning an amazing poolside celebration.

Start Making Your Swim Party Plans Now

There’s no need to wait until the last minute to start sending out your invitations. Once the sun comes out, people tend to get busy with other outdoor plans. It’s important to plan your guest list carefully so you don’t overextend yourself or your pool. If you’re intending to make it a kids’ party, make sure to have plenty of adult guests who can help with supervising the kids. Safety for all your guests should always be the top priority.

Plan a Delicious but Easy Menu

No swim party is complete without just the right food to make it a great event. You’ll want to consider the perfect location for your bountiful party snacks so they don’t get wet. Set up a table away from the pool in the patio area if you can. That way, your guests will have easy access to food and drinks when they need refueling.

Some great swim party menu options include:

Sandwich trays
Hot dogs and burgers
Fresh fruit and veggie trays with dip

Your guests will also enjoy these refreshing items on a hot day:

Ice cream sundaes
Iced tea

Use disposable cups, utensils, and plates to avoid any glass breakage around the pool area. Provide a comfortable seating area so your guests won’t be tempted to eat near the pool.

Bring Out the Pool Toys

There’s nothing more fun than having plenty of swimming pool toys available for everyone to use, and they make great icebreakers that get the party started. Stock up on pool noodles, beach balls, rafts, and floats so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you have a high-end swimming pool and small children will be attending your party, consider setting up a separate kiddie pool that’s supervised by an adult.

Provide Extras for Your Forgetful Guests

It’s essential to remind your guests you’re hosting a swim party, so they should come prepared for fun in the sun. There will be guests who forget essential items like sunscreen, but you can be the best party host by providing them with what they need. Set up a community table loaded with sunglasses, towels, hats, and swim goggles so everyone is comfortable and has the ultimate party experience.

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