How to Make a Commercial Swimming Pool More Attractive to Customers

How to Make a Commercial Swimming Pool More Attractive to Customers

A commercial swimming pool can absolutely be a smart investment—and one that pays off in many ways. To reap such rewards, it can be helpful to take some steps to make your commercial pool more attractive and inviting to customers or guests. Here are some suggestions to consider.

Do Something with the Pool Deck

The pool deck is the area immediately around your swimming pool. It can serve a practical purpose as a place to safely get in and out of the pool or as an anchor for pool steps or other access features. But if you’re not currently doing much else with this space, there are several options to consider.

Possibilities include:
• Creating a poolside seating area
• Extending the pool deck to a nearby walkway for added convenience
• Installing fire pits in strategic areas for added ambience

Consider Water Features

A commercial swimming pool tends to be focused more on relaxation, especially if you’re in the hospitality business. With some water features, you can make it clear to your customers that your pool is also a place for relaxation when they don’t have the desire to diligently do laps.

Options with commercial pool water features include:

• Bubbling fountains
• Artificial waterfalls
• Decorative sconces
• Rain curtains attached to a nearby wall or structure
• Fog and misting systems to keep your commercial pool cooler on warmer San Diego days

Add a Built-In Spa

As long as we’re on the topic of relaxation, a great way to lure more customers or guests to your commercial pool is with a built-in spa. This feature gives people the added option to enjoy your pool in a more casual way. Another option is to have a hot tub or in-ground spa installed immediately next to your commercial pool.

Cater to Different Preferences for Pool Use

Some commercial pool users are totally focused on boosting their speed and endurance and getting a vigorous swim in for the day. However, other customers or guests may prefer a swimming environment that’s more family oriented or one where they can swim more casually. Cater to multiple preferences by designating separate parts of your pool for different preferences and purposes.

Create Fun Ways to Get into the Pool

Give your customers or guests some fun ways to get into your swimming pool. You might do this with an enclosed pool slide or a water slide that eases people into the pool.

Explore Options with Coverings

If your commercial swimming pool is in an area that’s directly exposed to the sun, consider some type of covering above the pool. This can provide some added shelter from the heat and sun while making the pool itself more inviting. The covering can extend fully or partially over the pool, depending on its size and design.

Add Lighting

Even in sunny San Diego, the sun eventually goes down. If you want to make your commercial pool more inviting after dark, consider pool lighting. In-pool lighting can also make evening swimming appealing if you want to make your commercial pool available for use at night.

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