Ways to Lower the Operating Costs for Your Pool Pump

Ways to Lower the Operating Costs for Your Pool Pump

Your swimming pool pump consumes a lot of energy. In fact, your pool pump comes in second only to your air conditioner as a big energy user. Furthermore, pool pumps run year-round, making the total amount of energy consumed very high. However, taking a few simple steps can save you money on your electric bill every month. The pool experts from San Diego Pools, one of the top-tier swimming pool builders, San Diego homeowners can trust for high-quality construction and outstanding service, offer these tips to help you save money on your electric bill every month.

Get a Smaller Pump and Reduce Running Time

The larger your pool pump, the greater the monthly cost. Using the smallest pump that’s appropriate for the size of your pool can save you money. Also, reduce the amount of time you run the pump. Start with less than six hours, increasing the time by thirty minutes until you find the minimum amount of time it takes to clear the water. Several short pumping cycles throughout the day can be more efficient than running the pump once a day for a longer period.

You may also want to invest in a variable-speed pump, which can be programmed to operate at the minimum speed needed throughout the day. A variable-speed pump adjusts its energy consumption to suit your pool’s needs during the various maintenance cycles.

Turn Down the Heater

The pump isn’t the only thing contributing to the high cost of having a swimming pool. Keep in mind that every additional degree in temperature can cost you an extra 10 to 30 percent on your bill. While most people keep their pools heated to 82–84 degrees, the Red Cross recommends 78 degrees as the best temperature for swimming. Get the smallest energy-efficient heater that will do the job. In addition, keeping the pool covered can reduce heat loss, saving up to 70 percent on your heater’s energy use.

Consider Your Pool Cleaner

There are a few different types of pool cleaners, and you need to choose one that really suits the needs of your pool. A robotic cleaner with a self-contained filtration system uses a lot less electricity to operate. Robotic cleaners are more expensive than other cleaners, but their energy efficiency may save you money in the long run. According to Pacific Gas & Electric, if you use a robotic cleaner for three hours a day, the annual energy cost would be around $60 a year, compared to more than $500 a year for other types of cleaners.

Get LED Solar Lights

LED lights use a lot less energy than incandescent bulbs. In fact, LED lights can cut energy costs by up to 90 percent. If you install solar-powered LED lights, the energy cost will be zero.

There are several ways to save money and keep your pool clean and inviting. Carefully assess where you can make the changes you need to save money. If you haven’t built your pool yet and you’re looking for a trustworthy pool companies in San Diego with decades of experience, reach out to San Diego Pools. We’re one of the premier pool companies in San Diego, and our team of pool design and construction experts is dedicated to building exactly the pool you want and providing you with the highest-quality service in the industry. To get started on building the pool of your dreams, call us today at 888-707-7786.

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