How Can I Have Fun in the Pool with My Toddler?

How Can I Have Fun in the Pool with My Toddler?

Freely splashing around in a pool is one of the joys of childhood. If you have a toddler, there are understandable safety concerns to keep in mind, but with proper supervision, your toddler can have a fantastic time in the pool. Read on for recommendations for simple and enjoyable ways to entertain your toddler, or younger kids in general, in your San Diego swimming pool.

Use Pool Noodles

These fun pool accessories offer nearly endless possibilities for toddlers and everyone else in the family. Pool noodles can also serve as handy flotation devices for toddlers just gaining their confidence in the water. Plus, they make great “toys,” since younger kids can safely handle them and use their imaginations to create their own games.

Do Some Beach Ball Splashing

Standard and miniature beach balls can be equally entertaining for toddlers, largely because of the splash factor. This is also a fun way to teach your young one the basics of pool games that involve tossing beach balls of varying sizes. These accessories are colorful and easy for smaller hands to grip as well.

Play Nesting/Stacking Cup Games

Plastic play cups are great for the pool if you get the ones with small holes in the bottom so water flows out. Toddlers love these cups because they’re lightweight, easy to handle, and great for creative play.

Speaking of toddler-friendly pool games, other possibilities include:

• The Nuby Splash n’ Catch Fishing Set – Intended for bath time fun, this kid-friendly play set also works well in the pool.
• Squid Squirter – This one does pretty much what the name implies, and it’s a fun way for toddlers to work on their aim while randomly squirting anyone in the pool with them.

Collect Pool “Treasures”

If your toddler is still learning how to swim, go to the shallowest part of the pool for this one. All you need is a bunch of floatable pool objects and a butterfly net or two. Scatter the various objects around and have fun collecting them together. You’ll also be teaching your little one about colors and shapes at the same time.

Play Marco Polo

It’s never too early to develop an appreciation for this timeless classic. Besides, toddlers love playing peek-a-boo anyway, and it’s basically a variation on the same concept. It’s also an entertaining way to let your toddler in on the fun if you play this one with a bunch of family members in the pool. You may have to teach your young one the basics of the game with a few practice rounds before he or she takes a turn at being the one to cover his or her eyes and call out “Marco!”

Have a Toddler-Friendly Pool Party

Treat your little one to an entertaining pool party, which can also be centered around a theme if you prefer to kick things up a notch. In this instance, you could include decorations and music in line with the theme, such as a favorite character like SpongeBob. Round out the pool party fun with:

• Colorful life jackets for your toddler and his or her friends
• Tons of pool noodles and inflatable toys for in-pool fun
• Poolside toddler-friendly snacks like cupcakes

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