Best Plants for Landscaping around Your Pool

Best Plants for Landscaping around Your Pool

A swimming pool is practically a necessity for any California home. While you can count on your pool to keep you cool, it does require you to be selective about the plants you choose to include in your outdoor oasis. The right plants for a swimming pool area should be able to tolerate occasional splashes of salt or chlorinated water, and you’ll want to make sure they don’t drop too many leaves or flowers into the water. The experts from San Diego Pools, one of Southern California’s top pool construction companies, suggest that as you make your poolside landscaping plans, consider adding these plants to the design.

Create Contrast with Ornamental Grasses

Tall, slender blades of grass make a lovely boundary line for swimming pools, and you can choose from different varieties to add a pop of color that contrasts with the blue shades of your pool. Zebra grass is a popular option due to the beauty of its leaves, and it doesn’t require much maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about excessive watering.

Set Up a Tropical Paradise with Citrus Trees

Whether you love lemons or oranges, citrus trees give your outdoor garden a purpose. You’ll naturally want to keep these trees far enough from the pool to keep the fruit from dropping in, but they add to a tropical theme without being extremely difficult to care for. If you prefer to keep an airy atmosphere around your pool, look for dwarf-sized versions. They won’t overwhelm the space, but they’ll still give you colorful fruit displays to enjoy during your poolside lounge sessions.

Add Variety with Succulents

Succulents thrive in the California climate, and they work just as well mixed in with other plants as they do in xeriscapes. Their waxy leaves are resistant to small splashes, which makes them ideal for planting closer to the pool area’s edges. You can choose larger succulents for barrier-making purposes, or you can select smaller ones to add interest to a garden area. As you pick out succulents, try to vary the types of plants and their colors to create the look you want around your pool.

Go with Classic Palm Trees

There’s a reason you see palm trees on beaches and around other aquatic areas. They provide ample amounts of shade, and their growth isn’t deterred by a hot and humid environment. As a pool owner, you’ll also love that they don’t have huge leaf drops. If an errant leaf does fall into the pool, it will usually be large enough to skim or pick out without much of a hassle.

Choose Plants that Serve Dual Purposes

Bug control can sometimes be a problem during the spring and summer months, since mosquitoes love water. You can do your part to discourage breeding by keeping your pool maintained, but it also helps to keep a few mosquito-repelling plants around. Citronella and basil are beautiful plants you can include in pots on the ground or on tables around your pool area.

Whether they’re looking for advice on landscaping around a pool or they need an exceptional contractor to perform their in-ground pool installation, San Diego homeowners can rely on the experienced professionals from San Diego Pools. As one of the most respected pool companies in Southern California, we’ve been transforming customer dreams into reality with innovative design and custom construction for more than forty years. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786 to learn how we can build the pool that’s perfect for you.

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