Is there an Optimal Time of Day for Swimming?

Is there an Optimal Time of Day for Swimming?

Swimming at any time is preferable to not swimming at all if this is an activity you enjoy. That said, there are perks that go along with swimming at different times of the day. However, what’s ultimately best for you is somewhat subjective, since the answer also depends on why you’re swimming and what your goals are. Below, the San Diego pool pros from San Diego Pools outline the benefits of going for a swim at various times so you can determine what’s right for your preferences and needs.


Swimming in the morning is a great way to get your endorphins flowing, which helps with mood and energy levels. This can be beneficial if your main goal with swimming is to get a quick jolt of added vigor and energy first thing in the morning. A morning swim can also be beneficial if your goals involve:

• Gently warming up your muscles for other forms of exercise later on
• Getting in a relaxing swim when you can have the pool to yourself
• Clearing your head and gaining added mental clarity before you start your day

The potential drawback of morning swimming is your muscles may still be a little stiff at this time of day. This could increase your risk of injury if you just dive into the pool early in the morning and start doing laps. For this reason, it’s best to start a morning swim on the gentle side before shifting into full laps.


Afternoon or lunchtime could be the best time for you to swim, since your muscles will already be warmed up from your normal morning activities and movements. Plus, if your primary goal with swimming is to get in a quick, fun workout during your midday break, this can be a great way to achieve this goal.


Globo Surf suggests evening is the best time to get in the water if you swim because your various muscle groups are at a higher or optimal temperature later in the day. This means your metabolism is at higher levels, too. The result can be a more productive swimming-based workout, since your muscles are absorbing more energy from nutrients in your body. Therefore, you may see better results with endurance and speed goals.

What’s more, evening swimming can be more demanding and invigorating, since you won’t have to worry too much about taking time to recover your full energy because it’s later in the day. Swimming during the evening can also be good for you thanks to potential body-mind perks that include:

• Relieving stress from your day and getting into a more relaxed mood
• Being able to swim as long as you want without being crunched for time
• Burning off excess energy so you sleep better*

*Avoid going too heavy with an evening swim-based workout, though, since the resulting muscle soreness may make it difficult for you to sleep.

With a pool in your backyard, you can swim anytime you like. If you’re ready to add a pool to your home or you want to enhance your existing pool with features that can transform it into the perfect oasis at any time of day, call on the experienced pros at San Diego Pools. We’re the swimming pool builder San Diego families have trusted for more than forty years to turn their dreams into reality. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786 to learn how our innovative designs and high-quality custom construction can be ideal for you and your family.

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