Why People Who Have Pools Love Them So Much

Why People Who Have Pools Love Them So Much

People have a natural inclination to appreciate swimming and other water-based activities. Certainly, there’s no denying the many perks that go along with having your own backyard pool to enjoy these activities. If you’re at the point where you’re entertaining the idea of having a backyard pool built, take a moment to discover why pool owners love having pools.


The number one reason pool owners love having pools is because of the convenience factor. For one thing, a pool located in your backyard is always open for you to use when the weather is suitable. When you own a pool, you also enjoy added convenience with perks that include:

• Spending as much time as you want in the pool or around it
• Inviting friends over for a fun pool party or poolside gathering
• Having family fun involving a pool anytime you want

Aesthetics & Home Value

A pool is aesthetically pleasing, since it’s designed with your preferences and exterior features in mind. In addition to the materials used for the pool itself, there are many options with the accompanying pool deck that can further enhance the aesthetic appeal. There’s also the potential of a boost in your home’s value. In fact, a HouseLogic study suggests a high-end pool could boost a home’s value by nearly 10 percent.

Multiple Customization Options

Pool owners are also often pleased with the many ways a newly built pool can be customized. However, this extends beyond aesthetic features and includes practical customizations, such as easy-grip handles and adjusted water elevations to create a safe play area for children while giving other pool users the option to dive. Customization with a pool can also involve:

• Pool lighting
• Variations in size and shape
• Adjacent features like a spa
• In-pool features like fountains and bubblers
• Poolside amenities like a seating or relaxation area

Exercise in a Fun, Convenient Way

It’s easier to find the motivation to keep up with a pool-based exercise routine when the pool is right in your own yard. You also won’t have to worry about having to wait until certain times to swim or do other forms of exercise in your pool. For example, you could swim early before you go to work or later in the evening when you have more time. Pool owners can also use their pools for forms of exercise that include:

• Pool basketball with an attached hoop
• Water aerobics
• Water walking and other gentler forms of pool exercise

An Incentive for Other Backyard Updates

A pool can easily become the focal point of a backyard and a compelling reason to spend more time in your outdoor living spaces. This is why it’s not unusual for pool owners to use their new pools as incentives to make other backyard updates, such as building or expanding a deck or making landscape adjustments.


Pool owners also love having pools because of the many opportunities to create wonderful memories. Whether it’s pool-themed birthday celebrations, pool games, or poolside cookouts, pools have a way of bringing friends and loved ones together.

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