Top Ways for Adults to Enjoy Swimming Pools

Top Ways for Adults to Enjoy Swimming Pools

A backyard swimming pool can be a fun, refreshing, and inviting destination for anyone of any age. This certainly includes adults looking to make the most of their time spent enjoying the pool. If you’re looking for great ideas on how adults can get the most out of a San Diego swimming pool, keep reading for some great suggestions.

Water-Based Exercises

A practical and productive way for adults to enjoy a swimming pool is to use it for exercise. You may also appreciate doing your regular exercise routines in the water if you prefer less pressure on your muscles and joints. Forms of exercise that can be done in a pool include:

• Water aerobics—a poolside Bluetooth speaker can provide some music to help you maintain a steady pace
• Water walking or jogging
• Forward and side lunges and other pool-based variations of land-based exercise routines
• Water-based yoga, which can be done on a specially designed yoga mat for the pool

(Really Fun) Grown-Up Pool Games

Being an adult doesn’t mean forgoing fun. Even if you have “grown-up” tasks to focus on during the bulk of your time, you can still relax and unwind in your pool. This is something you can do with fun, engaging pool games that could include:

• Beach ball races with two or more people
• Greased watermelon tosses, where whoever catches the most in the pool wins
• Tug-of-war in the pool with a lot of splashing and fun

Starlight Swimming Games is a handy kit that includes 10 glow-in-the-dark pool game opportunities. While kids are pictured on the box, all the games are equally suitable for adults looking to have some pool-based fun.

Learning & Practicing New Strokes

If you prefer to use a pool primarily to improve your swimming abilities, one way to do this is to learn and practice new strokes. Even if you’re not competing, it can be personally rewarding to be more versatile with your swimming strokes.

Setting Goals to Increase Speed & Endurance

Again, you don’t have to be competing in various events to set your own personal goals. What’s great about working on speed and endurance in your backyard pool is being able to do so on your own terms. Start by setting realistic goals. Next, set aside a specific time to get in some laps and track your progress.

Throwback Pool Parties for Grown-Ups

Use your pool as the base for a throwback pool party for grown-ups. You can even do things like cannonballs and other pool activities you may have enjoyed as a kid. The party itself can include retro décor from your preferred decade. Poolside treats in line with your theme can also be available for partygoers and swimmers. One other possibility is to play fun pool games with retro themes. One option we suggest is musical chairs played with pool floats for seats and retro tunes as the soundtrack.

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