Popular Sizes for Swimming Pools

Popular Sizes for Swimming Pools

The size and overall design of a San Diego pool really depends on what ultimately works best for your available space, personal preferences, and budget, so there’s no definitive “standards” that have to be kept in mind. However, many new pool owners have a tendency to gravitate toward popular sizes with pools. Read on to get a better idea of what’s often preferred with pool size.

Average In-Ground Pool Dimensions

With in-ground pools, in general, the average depth is about 5.5 feet, according to Poolpricer.com. Average dimensions are:

• 10 x 20 ft.
• 15 x 30 ft.
• 20 x 40 ft.

The average square footage for a home swimming pool is approximately 600 square feet, according to Poolonomics.com.

Rectangular In-Ground Pools

Many in-ground pools are rectangular in shape, especially ones placed in residential backyards and made from the more commonly used materials, such as vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass. According to Poolcontractor.com, 16 x 32 feet is the most popular size for rectangular in-ground pools. Two other popular sizes with rectangular in-ground pools are:

• 18 x 36 ft.
• 20 x 40 ft.

Kidney-Shaped In-Ground Pools

A kidney shape is another common choice for an in-ground pool, since it allows for more room for poolside amenities or nearby landscaping elements. The standard size for a kidney-shaped in-ground pool is 16 x 32 feet.

Freeform In-Ground Pools

A freeform pool is designed with a more irregular shape. The idea is to create a more realistic or “natural-looking” shape that’s purposely less constrained by curves and lines. The average size for freeform pools is 12 x 24 ft.

Oval/Circular Pools

You can also go with a circular shape for an in-ground pool. However, this shape is more common with above-ground swimming pools. According to Country Leisure Manufacturing, the average size of an oval or circular pool is 12 x 33 feet. The average depth for circular pools is 48 to 54 inches.

Choosing a Size/Shape for Your Pool

As mentioned above, there are no “rules” when it comes to pool sizes and shapes. You can certainly use the averages discussed here as a guide, but you should go with what works best for you.

An experienced pool builder can guide you through this process so you can make your choice with greater certainty before you go forward with your pool installation. The most important factor to consider with pool size is how much space you have to work with in the area where you want your pool to be located.

If you have a larger yard, you’ll have more flexibility with size. In this case, you can always go with the standard sizes as a guide while fine-tuning your pool design plans and preferences. If your yard is on the cozy side, creative sizes and shapes are worth considering. For instance, a longer narrow pool that compensates for width limitations could work well in a smaller space.

No matter which size of pool you prefer, make sure to have it constructed by experienced professionals. From unique pool construction to custom gunite pool design, San Diego Pools can satisfy your every need. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786, and we’ll get started on designing the pool you’ve always dreamed of.

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