What’s the Best Pool Size for Our Family?

What’s the Best Pool Size for Our Family?

A new swimming pool can be a welcome addition to any backyard in San Diego, but there are some decisions you’ll need to make first, especially if your new pool will be for the entire family. One of the most important decisions is pool size, since you’ll likely appreciate something that’s sufficiently large but still right for the space you have available. Let’s take a moment to discuss what tends to be a good size for a family pool.

Pools Intended for Recreational Use

Size recommendations go beyond considering how many people in your family will actually be using the pool. You’ll also want to factor in what the pool will typically be used for. For instance, if you intend to use it mostly for recreational use, the standard recommendations include:

  • Having shallow and deeper ends to accommodate varying abilities
  • A depth of no more than 6 feet to meet most recreational pool needs
  • An 18×36-foot pool for a family of 6–8 to avoid crowding and allow enough room for pool games and other pool-based activities

If your family is smaller, a 16×32-foot pool is typically suggested. This smaller size also allows for more flexibility with pool shape. However, if you have a smaller family and the pool will mostly be used just to relax, a 14×25-foot prool could also work well.

Pools Used for Swimming/Exercise

Swimming laps is a great way to use a pool to stay fit. If this is what you and other members of your family will spend some time doing in your new pool, a minimum of 30 feet in length tends to be best. If you have a competitive swimmer or two in your family, however, a 40-foot-long lap pool provides more room for practicing various strokes and working on related skills like speed and agility.

Available Space

Not all families have a lot of backyard space to work with. Space is an equally important factor to consider when determining an appropriate pool size for your family. If you have space limitations, you may still be able to install a pool that’s right for your family by considering:

  • Opting for customized or creative pool shapes
  • Adjusting your backyard’s layout to make more room for an appropriately sized pool
  • Choosing a round shape instead of rectangular or square, since it’s often easier to make a round pool bigger

Frequency of Use

Lastly, factor in how often your family will use the pool. For example, if you know your kids will mostly be using the pool casually in the summer, while adult family members will hang out around it and only occasionally take a dip, you might prefer a smaller pool that’s easier to maintain.

If you’re getting ready to choose a pool for your home, make sure to work with the finest professionals in the pool-building industry. The expert team from San Diego Pools specializes in every aspect of new swimming pool construction. San Diego homeowners should call us today at 888-707-7786. We offer complimentary consultations and professional pool conceptual designs with all of our estimates.

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