7 Fantastic Pool Party Decoration Ideas

7 Fantastic Pool Party Decoration Ideas

There’s much to love about pool parties. If this is already something you plan to do during prime pool-using season, let’s explore your options for decoration possibilities as you get things ready. The sky’s pretty much the limit with the little extras that can make a pool-based party one that gets raves from your guests. If you’re on the hunt for ideas, try the suggestions below, brought to you by the San Diego pool construction experts from San Diego Pools.

1. Fun Pool Floaties

Floatable pool decorations come in all shapes and sizes, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find some floaties that work well for your pool party. You can always go completely random with your floatables or choose ones that fit a particular theme. With a tropical theme, you could go with inflatable flamingos and palm trees.

2. Balloon Arches

Make your pool and the adjacent area an inviting fun zone with festive balloon arches. Create a decorative arch with colorful latex balloons and decorating strips designed to support balloons. Use some balloon weights here and there as well to keep these helium-filled accessories securely in place above or around your pool.

3. Pool Speakers

Speakers specially designed for use in a pool are usually decorative in nature, but they also serve a practical purpose. Consider ones with multi-light features for an added decorative touch. These speakers are typically designed to easily connect to any Bluetooth device so you can quickly add some tunes to your pool party area.

4. Decorative Beach Balls

Beach balls are a simple pool decoration that can work well for many purposes. For one thing, beach pools scattered around or in your pool give party guests the opportunity to play in the pool or interact with guests not yet enjoying the water. Another possibility is to get mini beach balls that are easier to handle for games and random play.

5. Solar Floating Pool Lights

A great way to brighten up pool parties when the lights go down is with solar floating pool lights. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, these handy lights can serve a decorative purpose by making your pool brighter and livelier. A related option is decorative lanterns, which can be equally colorful and illuminating at the same time.

6. Dressed-Up Poolside Tables

Poolside tables give your pool party guests a convenient place to grab some tasty eats or refreshing drinks when they’re not actually in the pool. You can rent fold-up tables for this purpose and make them decorative with colorful tablecloths or decorative table skirts. Tabletop decorations in line with your party’s theme can be added, too.

7. Floating Food & Drink Trays

Accessories of this nature are typically decorative to some extent, which makes them perfect for pool parties. They can also be filled with an assortment of nibbles and beverages appropriate for your guests. If you’re doing an all-ages party, you might use the floating trays for kid-friendly goodies. The poolside tables can always be used to serve “grown-up” drinks, since they can be carefully monitored.

If you’re ready to transform your home into the perfect party spot with a pool, call on the experienced pros at San Diego Pools. We’re the swimming pool builder San Diego homeowners have trusted for more than forty years to design and install the pools of their dreams. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786 to learn how our innovative designs and high-quality custom construction can be ideal for you and your family.

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