When Can You Swim after Filling Your Pool? 

When Can You Swim after Filling Your Pool? 

To beat the summer heat, nothing feels better than taking a refreshing swim. Before doing so, make sure you’ve cleaned the pool thoroughly, had the condition of the pipes and filters tested, and purchased any upgrade features or products that can make your swimming adventures even more fun. Once you’re done with those tasks, consider the factors mentioned below, including how long to wait before diving in after filling the pool.

The First Fill

Typically, you need to wait up to seven days after initially filling a pool before swimming. However, this depends on the method used to fill the pool. If professionals do the job, they will ensure there’s the correct balance of chemicals in the water and double-check safety levels, which can all lower your waiting time. 

To ensure safety, you should test the water before entering the pool. You can choose between pool testing kits or test strips, based on the type of pool you have. The objective of these tests is to let you know if any additional maintenance is necessary. The tests can also prevent bacteria buildup and keep your equipment in good working condition.

Adding Chemicals

The chemicals used before or after filling the pool can increase the waiting time. With most chemicals, such as those typically used in a standard gunite pool in San Diego, an additional 30 minutes is necessary. On the other hand, non-chlorine and chlorine chemicals require extended waiting periods, sometimes up to 24 hours after being added.

To be safe, you should wait for the filter cycle to finish. Doing so can prevent hard water problems and let the chlorine soften your pool water

Starting & Stopping the Process

Inconsistent water flow can cause visible rings in your pool and prevent swimming. It might be challenging or even impossible to repair the rings and address other issues resulting from stopping the refill. Failing to fill the pool continuously can have negative consequences for warranties and contracts.

Pool professionals can inform you of the appropriate waiting period before filling the pool, as delaying too long may lead to problems like pool popping, hindering the quick absorption of water into the ground. You not only want to protect your pool, but you also need to ensure swimming safety for you and all guests.

New or Renovated Feature

Typically, you should wait up to seven days before swimming. There are different factors to consider, such as waiting for the pool’s plaster to harden. Failure to do this may result in costly problems that require repairs, such as footprints left on the pool surfaces before the plaster was set.

It’s important to wait an additional five days before activating the pool’s heater. This can prevent plaster dust. Holding off can lower the odds of issues with water chemistry. It’s always best to consult with professional pool builders to learn more and correctly schedule when to dive into your pool.
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