How to Determine Where to Place Your Backyard Pool

How to Determine Where to Place Your Backyard Pool

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to the placement of a backyard swimming pool. Most important are the size and shape of your backyard. Remember, there are no do-overs when it comes to a pool construction in San Diego, so you’ll have to get it right the first time. Keep in mind your placement must include the deck, adjoining areas, and landscaping.

Imagine Your Yard as Separate Activity Areas

You’ll want to do more than swim in your backyard. You’ll also want space for a BBQ, a picnic table, an area for the kids to play, and some grass. All of these elements must work in harmony with the placement of your pool.

Research the Zoning Restrictions

Zoning regulations, such as those dealing with slope and drainage, will influence where you place your pool. Common zoning restrictions include placing the pool 15–25 feet away from any structure or building.

Consider the Size of Your Backyard

If you have a small backyard, your pool placement choices will be limited. You’ll likely need to place the pool near your house. In that case, you’ll need to consider the shape and materials that will blend well with your home’s exterior. For example, you may decide to install a gunite pool. In San Diego, homeowners often choose this type of concrete construction because it allows them to customize the shapes of their pools.

If you have a big backyard, you’ll have more options for placing the pool. While you may still want to place it close to the house, you’ll also have the option to build your pool further back. In that case, you can make it into a unique oasis.

Determine the Slope & Other Considerations

An inground pool must be built on level ground. While you can carve out a slope and build a retaining wall, that’s an expensive and complex project. Likewise, low-lying areas in your yard will be prone to flooding and thus inappropriate for an in-ground pool. You’ll also need to consider privacy and how easy it will be to supervise the kids in the pool. The amount of sun or shade is just one more thing to think about.

Locate all underground utility lines. You can’t build a pool over buried utility lines. Finally, where you build your pool must be accessible to the construction equipment.

All of these considerations will definitely narrow down where you can place your backyard swimming pool. The first aesthetic consideration should be the view. When you look out from your home, what do you want to see? The view from the pool is also important. When you’re floating in the cool water, what will you see?

Once all these considerations are taken care of, you can get to the fun part—choosing the shape, colors, and materials to suit your personal aesthetics. Don’t forget, your pool contractor is also there to provide valuable advice.

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