What’s the Best Depth for a Swimming Pool?

What’s the Best Depth for a Swimming Pool?

The standard recommendation for backyard or residential pool depth ranges from 5 feet for a pool without a diving board to a minimum of 8 feet if you’ll have a deeper end for diving. Going beyond what’s considered standard or average, there are some additional factors to consider as you determine how deep your backyard pool should be. Below, we run through what to keep in mind with regard to pool depth.

Consider the Intended Purpose for Your Pool

If you’re in the planning phase with your backyard pool, make your decision about depth based on how you’ll likely use your pool. For example, if you prefer a pool adults and kids can casually and comfortably use, a depth of 4 to 5 feet should work well. The recommendation for depth and length for a backyard pool that will be used for swimming is at least 5 feet deep and around 25 feet long if you plan to do laps.

Varying Depths Are Often Appreciated with Family Pools

The heights of the people who will be using your backyard pool are also something to consider. If your family includes people of various heights, a pool with a shallower end (around 3–4 feet) can be very much appreciated by shorter or younger family members. However, taller members of your family can always gravitate toward a deeper end of 5–6 feet.

A Separate Pool or Area for Younger Pool Users Is Another Option

A larger backyard swimming pool can be separated in a way that creates a divided space for toddlers and younger kids that’s around 2 feet deep to ensure optimal safety. As your kids get older, a separate pool or area in a bigger pool can always become a place for sunbathing in shallow water.

Creative Pool Shapes also Allow for Depth Variations

Your backyard pool doesn’t have to be limited to the more traditional shapes. For instance, an L-shaped pool allows pool depth to be adjusted in a way that gives shorter-legged people a more convenient entry spot while also giving longer-legged people the same convenience from a different point.

Think Deeper if You Want to Dive

The average pool depth for diving is around 8 feet but could extend as deep as 10 feet if you prefer some added safety. A backyard pool with a shallow dive-free zone combined with a deeper area for diving is a possibility. It’s more of an investment to do this, but it’s an option worth considering if you prefer a pool that can be used for different purposes at the same time.

Consider Budget and Maintenance

How much you can realistically spend for your backyard pool should be factored into the equation as well. Fortunately, an experienced pool builder is often able to find suitable design options that give you the depth and style you want in a way that fits your budget. Also, increasing pool depth also means more involved maintenance and upkeep. This, too, can be addressed if you get the right pool equipment and cover your pool when it’s not being used.

No matter which depth you choose for your pool, make sure to have it constructed by experienced professionals. From unique pool construction to custom gunite pool design, San Diego Pools Pools can satisfy your every need. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786, and we’ll get started on designing the pool you’ve always dreamed of.

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