What’s the Best Type of In-Ground Pool?

What’s the Best Type of In-Ground Pool?

Once you’ve decided to install an in-ground pool, the next step is to choose which type of pool to build. There are three main options pool contractors in San Diego, CA offers, each of which has significant benefits. After learning a bit about the three types of in-ground pools, you can consider your personal needs and desires and decide which type is the best fit for you.

Concrete: Increased Customization

To make a concrete pool, steel-reinforced walls are built along the sides of the hole and then filled with wet concrete. The concrete then dries to form the sides of the pool. This type of pool is also referred to as a gunite pool. In San Diego, homeowners often choose concrete because it allows them to customize the shapes of their pools. The concrete can be set in a hole of any shape, meaning homeowners can choose the perfect pool for their space. Concrete pools even offer increased flexibility once they’re installed because they can be enlarged or modified. Another benefit of concrete is its durability. Dog nails or sharp points cannot harm the actual structure of the pool.

Vinyl Liner: Affordable Installation

To create a vinyl liner pool, installers excavate a hole, construct a metal-framed wall, and affix a single vinyl liner. This process can be completed in just a couple of weeks. The main benefit of a vinyl liner pool is its affordability. You can install this kind of pool for less money than other types, making an in-ground pool possible for homeowners on a tighter budget.

Fiberglass: Less Expense & Easy Maintenance

A fiberglass pool consists of a solid frame constructed in a factory and then lowered into a hole in the ground. The installation process is therefore very fast (just a few days), which is one of the main advantages of this type of pool.

Once installed, fiberglass pools are very cheap and easy to maintain. The surface of the liner is essentially nonporous, meaning there’s no space for algae to grow, which eliminates the need to regularly brush the walls of the pool. Fiberglass pools also require no pH treatments because the materials don’t affect the chemistry of the water in the pool.

If you’re interested in salt chlorination, which is an easy and effective way to maintain water quality, fiberglass is the perfect option for you. The salt has no negative impact on the shell of the pool.

Fiberglass is also durable. No liner is necessary, and you can use your pool with full confidence that no damage will be done to it. If looks matter to you, keep in mind the increased opportunity for aesthetic enhancements to fiberglass pools.

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