Choosing the Perfect Pool Shape for Your Family

Choosing the Perfect Pool Shape for Your Family

Selecting a pool shape is one of the first steps you’ll need to take when planning to create a place to swim in your backyard. While pool builders may recommend specific shapes based on the current size and layout of your outdoor space, you might have several options regarding which type you prefer. Knowing which shapes work best for families helps you ensure the San Diego pool you build supports everyone’s needs for swimming.

Simplify Planning for Families with a Rectangle Shape

Rectangle-shaped pools are among the most traditional types you’ll find, and there are several reasons they work well for families. If you have new swimmers in your family, choosing a pool shape similar to the kind where they take lessons reinforces safety rules, such as staying in the shallow end. Rectangular pools are also perfect for adults who enjoy swimming laps, and your older kids can practice racing from one side to the other.

Create Zones with an L-Shaped Pool

L-shaped pools can include hard angles like those in rectangular ones, or you can soften the shape to look more like the kidney-style pools that remain popular among homeowners today. Either way, this shape establishes clear zones for use by multigenerational families. For instance, you might designate a deeper end for diving and choose to make the other side shallow for activities that require standing, such as water aerobics and volleyball.

Keep Maintenance Simple with a Circular Pool

Busy families often prefer to choose pool shapes that make them easy to clean and maintain. Both kidney-shaped and circular pools have fewer angles compared to other shapes, which makes it easier to brush the walls and vacuum the bottom. Parents of young children also tend to like circular-shaped pools because they make it easier to put a cover on for safety purposes or to reduce leaves and other debris being tracked into the water when the kids play nearby. As a bonus, circular pools tend to fit into smaller spaces. If you also want to include a play area, this shape may work best for building the backyard of your dreams.

Choose a Custom Build to Suit Everyone’s Needs

Speaking of making dreams come true, working with a custom builder makes it possible to design a pool that suits everyone’s preferences. Letting your builder know if you prefer a zero-depth entry or want to add tanning ledges and benches helps him or her sketch out a shape that has space for everything you want in a pool. You can also work with your builder to choose where to put diving boards, slides, and jets for hydrotherapy, and you can select features that enhance the aesthetics. Depending on your preferences, your builder might recommend a traditional shape, or he or she can create a unique one that makes your pool one that everyone is eager to dive into.

No matter which shape you prefer, make sure to have it constructed by experienced professionals. From unique pool construction to custom gunite pool design, San Diego Pools can satisfy your every need. Give us a call today, and we’ll get started on designing the pool you’ve always dreamed of. 

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