Best Shapes for Swimming Pools

Best Shapes for Swimming Pools

If you’re considering having a pool built in your yard, you have a lot to consider. The location and depth are two important details. However, there’s another crucial factor you need to think about: the shape of your pool. If you’re wondering what the best shape for a swimming pool is or looking for custom outdoor pool, here are some options to consider.


The rectangular shape is one of the most common for swimming pools. Rectangular pools have straight lines and are therefore easier to maintain. Usually, the corners are slightly rounded so they’re not at sharp 90-degree angles. The rectangle-shaped pool is best for you if you prefer an elegant, traditional look.


If you have a large property with a big backyard, an oval-shaped pool might be your best bet. The oval shape is the one people are usually referring to when they talk about having a backyard oasis. It’s usually larger and can have both a shallow end and a deep end. In addition, you can add great touches, such as a waterfall, to this shape of pool.


Kidney-shaped pools are round on either end and have a curve at the edge. The unique shape gives this type of pool more of a natural feel, invoking the character of bodies of water that aren’t man-made. A kidney shape also makes a San Diego pool a good candidate for a waterfall.


A circular-shaped pool is better when you have plenty of space in your yard. It’s also often the best option if you have young children who are just learning how to swim. It’s easier to maintain circular pools by using pool covers to protect them from debris when they’re not in use.

Figure 8

The Figure 8–shaped pool offers a contemporary twist on the kidney shape. Generally, it’s one oval on top of another but has more of a modern appearance. It also offers more space for swimming than the more traditional kidney-shaped pool. If you prefer a more modern look in your yard and your house is designed in a contemporary style, you might prefer the Figure 8 pool shape.


The freeform-shaped pool is the most customizable and is a great choice for any size of yard. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the freeform, and you can expect more curves with this pool than with any other. This shape is best for unique people who have more artistic tastes.

No matter which shape you prefer, make sure to have it constructed by experienced professionals. From unique pool construction to custom gunite pool design, San Diego Pools can satisfy your every need. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786, and we’ll get started on designing the pool you’ve always dreamed of.

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