Why Feet First Is the Safest Way to Enter Your Pool

Why Feet First Is the Safest Way to Enter Your Pool

Safety should always be front and center when using a pool. One of the more important things to remember when it comes to enjoying a pool is how you or any other pool users enter the water. If we’re talking about a standard backyard pool, feet first is what tends to be safest for users of all ages and skill levels. Read on for more on what to keep in mind when entering a pool.

Why Head-First Pool Entries Are Best Avoided

Some backyard pools have deeper ends. Even so, a typical backyard pool isn’t suitable for full diving in a way that’s safe. It’s also possible to misjudge the depth of the pool when you dive in, especially if it’s just from a point along the side. This can happen because of the way the sun reflects off the surface of the water, which sometimes creates an optical illusion that throws off the perception of depth. Injuries resulting from head-first pool entry could include:

• Traumatic brain injuries
• Spinal cord injuries
• Neck sprains or fractures

You could also collide head-first with anyone else in your swimming pool if you dive randomly into the water. There’s also the risk of landing on floating objects you may normally keep in your pool if it’s used mostly for recreational purposes.

Safely Entering a Pool Feet First

Feet-first entry into a pool can be done in any way that’s comfortable for you. If you’re a newer swimmer, you may feel more comfortable sitting on the side of the pool and easing yourself into the water. If you’re a regular swimmer and pool user, it’s fine to jump in while using your feet to make your leap. This gives you a chance to clearly view the water and be aware of any potential obstacles. Feet-first entry into a pool can also involve using pool steps to enter and exit the pool.

Having Fun with Feet-First Pool Entry

Ultimately, feet-first entry creates a safe environment in the pool for all users. That being said, you can still have a lot of fun in a pool when the general rule of thumb is to enter feet first. With casual diving, you can always jump with your feet and go into a tuck so you wrap your arms around your knees as you enter the water. This way, you’re still able to watch where you make your splash in the pool.

Learning How to Dive in a Safe Way

If you definitely want to learn how to dive into a pool and do it in the traditional head-first way, do so in a way that allows you to learn proper technique without risking your personal safety. The thing to keep in mind with any pool-related diving is to make sure it’s done in a pool designed with this purpose in mind, which is often not the case with a standard residential pool.

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