How Can a Commercial Swimming Pool Transform Your Business?

How Can a Commercial Swimming Pool Transform Your Business?

You don’t need to have a hospitality-based business like a hotel or resort to reap the rewards of having a pool on your property. In fact, there are many creative ways this particular exterior feature can become a welcome and beneficial asset. Today, we’re going to focus on some of the top ways a commercial swimming pool can transform your business.

A Commercial Pool Boosts Property Value

With any type of property, a top-quality pool can provide a much-appreciated boost in overall property value. This is especially true with commercial properties, where such a feature is often more unique. The way a pool can add value to your business will depend on several factors, including:

• Where it’s placed
• How it’s used
• How well it’s maintained

It Can Serve as an Appealing Focal Point

A commercial swimming pool is certainly a property feature that’s meant to be noticed, and this is why it can serve as the focal point for the rest of your exterior features. You might accentuate the pool with flowers and shrubbery placed around the pool area. Poolside seating and other accessories can also be added to make your pool an instantly appealing focal point.

A Commercial Swimming Pool Can Increase Employee Morale

You may not immediately think of a commercial swimming pool as an employee perk, but it can certainly serve this purpose, especially if your business isn’t in the hospitality industry. From a practical perspective, it can act as an inviting incentive for your employees to get a little exercise after work. Beyond that, it can be a great place for your staff to interact or simply relax and recharge while on breaks, especially in warm climates like San Diego. Pool construction companies such as San Diego Pools can design custom pools that make your employees happier to come to work every day.

It Sets Your Business Apart from the Crowd

A commercial pool that’s well designed and strategically placed can easily be a feature that makes your business stand out for all the right reasons. Again, this is especially true for a non-hospitality business, where such an addition isn’t expected. However, this can also be true for a hotel, inn, or similar type of business with a pool design that’s customized and unique.

A Commercial Swimming Pool Can Reflect Your Business’s Tone

If you have a business that’s more casual and relaxed in nature, a pool can send this message to potential customers and clients. Even if going for a dip isn’t always appropriate, a pool with an adjacent seating area could serve as a place to:

• Interview potential employees
• Hold initial meetings with clients
• Conduct staff or business meetings

It Improves the Hiring Package You Can Offer

For some companies, hiring the right employees is what matters most. If this applies to your business, you’ll likely interview potential candidates who already have other employment offers to consider. A swimming pool can tell possible new hires you have a business that’s willing to offer unique perks like this to its employees. Plus, you’ll easily recoup the costs of installing and maintaining a pool by attracting and retaining high-quality employees.

If you’re considering adding a pool to your business, make sure to work with the finest commercial pool builder in Southern California. The expert team from San Diego Pools specializes in every aspect of pool and spa construction, from slides and waterfalls to in-ground spas. Call us today at 888-707-7786 for a complimentary consultation.

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