Which Is Better: Swimming in Your Home Pool or Going to a Gym?

Which Is Better: Swimming in Your Home Pool or Going to a Gym?

A gym can provide access to an assortment of equipment in one place. But if you’re not so keen on making the effort to actually go to the gym on a regular basis, you may be wondering if you can achieve the same goals by swimming, especially if you have an underground pool conveniently located in your own backyard. This brings us to the question of whether or not swimming at home is actually better than going to the gym. Here’s what you need to know as we explore both options.

Swimming at Home

Whether it’s for sport, fun, or a combination of the two, swimming is a popular activity that also happens to be a great way to exercise. Even with the natural buoyancy of water, swimming still provides the resistance needed to build muscle. However, there’s less pressure on bones and joints, and this reduces the risk of injuries or lingering post-workout aches and pains.

Swimming is also a more sustainable activity, since it’s less stressful on the body. In other words, you can reap the many rewards of swimming at home as you get older or if you develop physical issues or limitations. The major pros that go along with swimming for workout/exercise purposes include:

• Targeting all major muscle groups at once
• Increasing muscle tone
• Boosting flexibility and stability
• Building endurance

However, swimming does place an emphasis on certain groups of muscles more than others. Specifically, the motions associated with swimming tend to work muscles in your upper back, legs, shoulders, arms, and abdomen. However, this is still a good mix of muscle groups.

Going to the Gym

Hitting the gym typically means lifting weights and using various machines that provide resistance in a way that boosts strength. When performed with proper technique and form, weightlifting is an effective way to build muscle. If this is your main goal because of a particular sport you’re involved in or for general fitness purposes, going to the gym can be beneficial for you.

It’s also possible to target multiple muscle groups with combination exercises that include deadlifts, squats, overhead presses, and bench presses. If you’re looking to build up certain muscles, you can also do isolation exercises to make your biceps or triceps bigger.

Unlike swimming, the gym is primarily beneficial for building muscle. What many gym workouts don’t do well is provide the endurance, cardiovascular, and mobility benefits associated with swimming.

The Final Decision

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to swimming at home versus going to the gym. With gym workouts, you’ll be able to primarily build muscle and increase strength. If this is what matters most to you, gym workouts can always be complemented with swimming. With swimming at home, you can benefit from a full-body workout that also boosts endurance and targets key muscle groups in a gentler way that’s still effective. What’s right for you will ultimately depend on several factors, some of which include:

• Your fitness and workout goals
• Any physical limitations you may have
• What fits best into your schedule

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