Pros & Cons of Pool Enclosures

Pros & Cons of Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures are fairly common in certain areas due to safety requirements. Still, some pool owners go back and forth on whether or not to invest in an enclosure. If you’re on the fence about a pool enclosure, read on as we go over the pros and cons of enclosures for your backyard swimming pool.


Security & Safety

One of the top perks of an enclosure for your pool is added security, since you won’t have to worry as much about people wandering into your pool area or other potential dangers, especially if you have younger children. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about animals getting into your pool, whether it’s a saltwater or ozone swimming pool, and bugs won’t be as much of an issue either.

Less Sun Exposure

While there are many things to love about the sun, there are some potential risks associated with sun exposure for long periods, even when you’re in the water. With a pool enclosure, you won’t have as much UV exposure, which reduces the risk of developing melanoma or other types of skin cancer.

Easier Pool Maintenance

An enclosed pool isn’t going to be filled with leaves and other debris. This means you won’t have to spend as much time getting leaves out of your pool. You also won’t have as much wear and tear on the pool’s filters and other cleaning equipment.

More Time Using Your Pool

Another perk that goes along with an enclosure for your pool is extending your time in the pool. An enclosed pool is protected from the elements. Therefore, if it’s raining or even snowing, you’ll still be able to spend time using your pool. And you can always add pool heaters or talk to your pool builder about a heated pool if you prefer to continue enjoying your pool even when it’s cooler.


Limited Landscape Options

With an enclosed pool, you won’t have as much space for plants, trees, and other natural landscaping elements. The solution here is to get creative with your landscaping in your pool area. For instance, you can always use potted plants and landscaping stones strategically throughout your enclosed pool area. If you have enough space within your pool enclosure, you can even add a small deck around your pool, which can then be used for planters and other landscaping elements.

A Cooler Pool Space

It only stands to reason that if your pool area is enclosed and less exposed to the sun, it will be a cooler space. This is fine in the summer, but it can be a problem when it gets cooler in the fall and winter months. The solution here is to use pool heaters or make your pool a heated pool.

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