5 Ways Swimming is Good for Men

5 Ways Swimming is Good for Men

Whether it’s done in a community pool or a custom outdoor pool in a San Diego backyard, swimming offers an assortment of physical and mental benefits for people of all ages and skill levels, regardless of sex. That being said, there are some appealing perks associated with regular swimming that can be appreciated even more by men. Here are five of them.

1. Men Can Enjoy a Boost in Heart Health Thanks to Swimming

Heart attacks are twice as common in men than women, according to Harvard Health. Today’s hectic and often unconventional work schedules and sometimes unhealthy lifestyle habits also tend to make it difficult for men to get sufficient exercise, at least in a way that maintains optimal heart health. What swimming does is target and engage all the key muscle groups in the body. Doing so can increase circulation and cardiovascular endurance in a way that helps the heart work more efficiently.

2. Swimming Is a Perfect Complement to Gym-Based Workouts

It’s not uncommon for athletic or physically active men to struggle to keep up with gym routines. However, swimming is an excellent form of exercise that’s especially effective at working muscles in the shoulders, back, legs, and abdomen. By incorporating swimming into their exercise schedules, active or athletic males may be able to ease up on more time-consuming gym routines without sacrificing fitness goals.

3. Swimming Is an Excellent Stress Reliever

Unchecked stress levels can affect the immune and cardiovascular systems as well as overall physical and mental wellbeing, according to the Men’s Health Forum. Swimming is a great way for men to de-stress. Part of the reason for this is because of a natural elevation in “feel-good” hormones called endorphins that counteract stressful reactions in the body. The natural buoyancy of water also produces motions similar to what’s experienced when getting a relaxing, stress-relieving massage.

4. Swimming Can Help Men Avoid Weight Gain Later in Life

As men get older, it becomes more difficult to keep weight within a healthy range because metabolism slows down. This also sometimes happens due to lifestyle limitations or underlying health issues, such as arthritis. Weight gain can be especially problematic for older men because of links to diabetes and even prostate-related issues, according to the National Institutes of Health. Fortunately, swimming is a form of exercise that can burn a lot of calories. According to MySwimPro.com, a 130-pound adult swimming freestyle for an hour can burn nearly 600 calories.

5. Swimming May Have Sexual Health Benefits for Men

A Harvard study involving older adults who regularly swam reported noticeable improvements in sexual activity among the majority of participants. An exercise physiologist from the American Council on Exercise states just half an hour of swimming three times a week may boost sexual endurance. And because of the weight loss benefits associated with swimming, men with erectile dysfunction and similar issues may notice improvements, according to Everyday Health.

For men of all ages who are looking for the perfect way to boost their physical fitness levels, swimming can be the ideal choice. As the SoCal region’s premier pool builder, San Diego Pools can create a custom pool for you that offers a great way to exercise as well as a place to relax and get away from it all. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786.

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