Tips for Giving an Above-Ground Swimming Pool a Classy Appearance

Tips for Giving an Above-Ground Swimming Pool a Classy Appearance

In-ground pools are known for the many possibilities with visually appealing features as well as attractive and functional accessories. However, if you have an above-ground pool, you don’t have to forego a stylish and aesthetically pleasing appearance for the sake of convenience and a budget-friendly alternative to an underground pool. If you’re on the hunt for creative and effective ways to make your above-ground pool look classy, read on.

Put a Deck Around It

Pool decks aren’t just for in-ground pools. If you’ll be keeping your above-ground pool in place year-round, you can certainly have an attractive deck built around it. Depending on what appeals to you and what works for your budget, possibilities include:

• A traditional wood pool deck
• An attractive stone/brick deck
• A multilevel pool deck to avoid the need for pool ladders and create extra space

Surround It with a Retaining Wall

One of the drawbacks of above-ground pools for some people is the plain look of the entirely visible pool wall. This aesthetic dilemma can be remedied with a classy and elegant retaining wall. From a mix of concrete and steel to an industrial chic or multitextured look, the possibilities with the materials for your pool’s retaining wall are nearly limitless.

Cover It with a Pergola

On average, San Diego has nearly 270 days of sunshine per year, which is generally a good thing if you live here. However, if your above-ground pool is regularly bathed in a lot of this sunshine, you may prefer some extra shade. A classy way to accomplish this task is with a freestanding pergola topped by a colorful or textured cover. Sheer fabric can also be added along a few sides for an added splash of elegance.

Explore the Possibilities with Lighting

Pool lighting works well for both in-ground and above-ground pools. A pool light kit is a convenient way to do this, but you can also get a bit more creative with lighting. For example, you might create patterns with outdoor lights strung up around your above-ground pool. Classy pool lighting could also include:

• Tiki torches or twinkle lights
• Solar lights inserted in the ground near your above-ground pool
• Stylish lanterns strung up with your lights

Create a Customized Poolside Lounge Space

Lounge areas aren’t just for in-ground pools. Your above-ground pool can also have a classy lounge space, either on an adjacent deck or along part or all of the surrounding area. This can be accomplished by adorning the area with cozy tables with umbrellas and chairs, full-sized lounge chairs, outdoor accent rugs, and even accessories for some outdoor grilling and BBQ fun.

Do Some Poolside Landscaping

Classing up the area around your above-ground pool with landscaping adjustments can be as simple as rotating seasonal flowers and plants. Other landscaping options that can give your above-ground pool a classier look while making it a more attractive backyard centerpiece include:

• Larger plants or bushes for a natural privacy barrier
• A colorful mix of trees, plants, and flowers with different aesthetic features
• An assortment of creatively filled and decorated planters
• Landscaping stones mixed in with your living landscape elements

When you’re ready to add a swimming pool to your home, reach out to the experienced pros at San Diego Pools. We’re a family-owned San Diego pool construction company that’s been transforming customer dreams into reality with customized designs and high-quality construction for more than 40 years. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786 to learn how we can build the pool of your dreams.

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