Why Do Some People Prefer Swimming in the Morning?

Why Do Some People Prefer Swimming in the Morning?

There really is no wrong time to swim. However, if you’re a professional swimmer or you swim competitively, you may prefer to swim in the morning. If this is what you do anyway, you’re not alone. In fact, professional swimmers often swim in the morning as a matter of habit. The experts from San Diego Pools, one of the most trustworthy and experienced San Diego pool companies homeowners can work with, explain why below.

Getting in More Practice Time

A practical reason swimmers swim in the morning is to get in more practice time. This is more likely to be an issue if you swim at a public pool or one at a local university. Most backyard pools aren’t designed for lap swimming, although this is an issue that can be resolved by working with an experienced pool builder.

By swimming in the morning, it’s possible to have a good morning swim, rest up later in the day, do some lighter swimming, and get in a late-day practice session as well. You can also use an early-morning swim to get in a practice session if you have a competition later that same day.

It goes without saying that being able to practice more improves overall performance. Plus, at some public pools, the mornings aren’t as crowded. This may be more likely to be the case if you get to the pool when it first opens. Having more space in the pool also gives you more freedom to do laps without worrying about watching out for other swimmers too close to you in a nearby lane.

Enjoying the Morning Rush

Swimming is a form of exercise that provides a rush through the increased production of hormones that put you in a better mood and naturally ease pain. This is especially beneficial if you have aches and pains that make swimming competitively a bit difficult at times.

Even if preexisting joint or muscle pain isn’t an issue, you’ll still benefit from the energy boost. In fact, according to Swimming World magazine, many swimmers report enjoying positive psychological benefits from swimming early in the morning that help them competitively, such as being able to focus better. These benefits can certainly extend to your swimming sessions that take place later in the day.

Preparing for an Early-Morning Swim

You can actually have a healthy breakfast before going for an early-morning swim without having stomach issues as long as you keep the menu light and healthy. Doing so also gives you an added energy boost in addition to what you get from the endorphins.

You may also prefer to do light stretching exercises before getting into the water for your morning swim. Taking this step warms up the muscles you’ll use for swimming. A related step to take is to do some lighter or casual swimming before working on your competitive swimming goals. If you swim competitively as part of a team, you can even partner up with some of your teammates to work on your swimming skills together during early-morning sessions, when everybody is likely to be less crunched for time and stressed out from other daily obligations.

If you’re ready to add a pool to your home so you can enjoy the benefits of swimming at any time of day, reach out to the experienced pros at San Diego Pools. As premier specialists in modern pool design, we’ve been building high-quality pools for more than forty years, and we can build a pool that’s perfect for you and your family. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786 to learn how we can build the pool of your dreams.

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