What Makes Swimming Such a Relaxing Activity?

What Makes Swimming Such a Relaxing Activity?

You don’t have to be an Olympic-level swimmer to know how relaxing this activity can be. In addition to offering an assortment of well-documented health benefits, swimming is an easy way to relax, de-stress, and unwind. If you’re curious about why this particular form of exercise is so relaxing for many people of all ages and skill levels, we highlight the most compelling reasons below.

Swimming’s an Excellent Stress Reliever

Not everyone equates exercise with relaxation, but this isn’t the case with swimming. Physically, it’s a natural stress reliever, since the exercise-related benefits are enjoyed without putting too much pressure on the bones, joints, and muscles. Being immersed in water as you make the motions associated with swimming also promotes mental stress relief by:

• Creating a meditation effect with the rhythmic strokes of swimming
• Allowing you to easily clear your mind
• Giving you something else to focus on instead of your daily routines and tasks

According to Anxiety UK, a study of rats showed swimming has the potential to generate new brain cells. Researchers noted this tends to occur in parts of the brain where cell deterioration can happen if you have issues with chronic stress. Furthermore, in an international survey of approximately 1,200 swimmers between the ages of 16 and 45, nearly 75 percent of them said this activity helped them relax and relieve stress.

It Boosts the Release of “Feel-Good” Endorphins

Produced by the pituitary gland located at the base of the brain, endorphins are hormones with a “feel-good” effect. The motions associated with swimming provide the added boost needed to increase the production of endorphins throughout your nervous system. This ultimately makes you feel more mentally relaxed, both as you swim and immediately afterward. Plus, if you have issues with chronic pain, there’s an added pain-relieving effect as well that can make you more relaxed.

Swimming Provides a Lot of Opportunities for Fun

For some people, being able to have a lot of fun in a calm, comfortable outdoor setting is incredibly relaxing. If this describes you, you’ll have many opportunities to relax as you swim and have an abundance of fun at the same time in your San Diego pool. This is especially true if you swim with friends or family members. When you throw other swimmers into the mix, your relaxation time while swimming can include:

• Fun with pool noodles and floaties
• Swimming-related pool games
• Pool parties that include swimming and fun on your nearby patio or deck
• Music and other things many people find relaxing

It Helps You Sleep Better

Johns Hopkins Medicine cites research showing a connection between regular exercise and improved sleep quality. If you sleep better after a good swim, you’re certainly more likely to be relaxed when you’re awake. The stress-relieving benefits that go along with swimming also make it easier to enjoy a relaxing night of high-quality sleep, especially if you make time to swim on a regular basis.

The Blue Color of the Water Is Relaxing

According to Verywell Mind, there’s an abundance of research suggesting a connection between the color blue and relaxation. Paler blue tones, such as what’s common in a swimming pool, are found to be especially soothing and calming for many individuals. Granted, this is somewhat subjective. Still, if you find natural shades of blue relaxing, consider it one more reason to take a dip.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to relax while boosting physical fitness, a pool might be exactly what you need. As an award-winning swimming pool contractor San Diego families and businesses have trusted for more than four decades, San Diego Pools can create a custom pool for you that offers a great way to exercise as well as a place to relax and get away from it all. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786.

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